hi my name is hanna and im a full-time cat blogger

angi bexmilly



Whoopsie, turns out that Ariel was one of the old-school, prince-drowning mermaids. Sorry, Eric!

I don’t know how to feel about th-JUST KIDDING THIS IS FUCKING RAD

Social studies have Migration,Asylum and Trauma as a main module and Gender and Sexuality as an optional one wheras Art and Humanities have law and history that bores me TO HELL and have like no core modules that actually interest me BUT the optional ones are fantastic

I wanna be good at literally everything



I wont see you til after xmas though will i

littlealienbabe i know <3


That time before their set when it was just me and the used.

littlealienbabe idk man like u know how i am around autumn i always get depressed as fuck like things are going ok with school and all would but i have a really scary feeling at the back of my head like just dark and lame and you know the things you need like 5 shots of vodka to an empty stomach with a straw to be able to talk about with words that are hungarian it’s like that and yeah now that im typing it, it feels even more irrelevant